Selina Barker Writing
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I have done a LOT of writing over the years. I started a blogging in 2007 as I documented my journey to figuring out how I was going to create a career and life for myself that I loved and I kept blogging, posting every week, for about 7 years as I shared the trials and tribulations of that journey.

Many of those blogs have dissolved over time (my career design blog is archived over here), but what remains is a reverence for the power of writing, telling our own story and documenting life as we live and create it. In particular the power of writing down your dreams and the plans that will bring those dreams to life.

And that is what my current creative baby is all about...

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019 - your guide to thriving in 2019

Goodbye Hello

Eight years ago I created a tool - an end-of-year guide that would help people say a proper farewell to the year that was coming to an end and set their vision for the year to come.

I shared the digital guide amongst my friends, followers and clients as an end-of-year gift. 

I had no idea how powerful this simple tool would end up being and what a key role it would play in helping dreams come true. 

As I began receiving emails from people all over the world saying what a difference it had made to them, I started dreaming of turning Goodbye, Hello into a real-life tool that everyone could get their hands on. 

And so in 2018 we made it a Project Love mission to turn 'Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018' into a physical book and start spreading the love even further. We hit 150% of our Kickstarter goal and over 1000 people in 20 countries all over the world enjoyed the very first of the Goodbye Hello journals. 

The next dream is to now get the 'Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019' journal sold in high street shops throughout the UK and I'm currently busy working on the new version of Goodbye, Hello, weaving even more love into it... Watch this space!