Over the past 10 years I have coached and guided over two thousand people through career and life changes big and small.

Whatever your situation and no matter how stuck you might feel, there is a always a solution and it’s my favourite game to figure out that solution. And fast.

Whether it’s big or small changes you need to make, I will help you design a plan for you to get there and will be cheering you on as you roll that plan into action.

I am not currently taking on any new 1-2-1 clients - you'll find me instead over at Project Love running online courses, programmes and events that inspire and empower women to create lives and relationships they love. Come and join me there!

Selina isn’t just a great coach: she’s the person other coaches go to when they get stuck. With her uncanny ability to speak straight to the heart of what is going on for you, I’d go so far as to say she’s the best ‘get unstuck’ coach in the UK today
— Marianne Cantwell, best-selling author, www.free-range-humans.com

Why even the best people need coaching

It can be so easy to help others when they are stuck – to clearly see what the problem is and come up with solid practical solutions for them without any effort. And yet when it comes to ourselves, when we get stuck we just can’t seemt find our way out of it. There is just confusion, fog and an underlying fear that there is no way through it.

That’s why coaching works so well. I act as a mirror and have a knack for listening out to what your heart is actually telling you to do as opposed to the fearful voice that so often takes control. I have a unique process that I have developed over the last five years that helps me see quickly to the heart of the problem and combine it with practical and creative problem solving to come up with solutions that work specifically for you. With ten years of experience in guiding people through their career changes, big and small, I know that the approaches that work best depending on your personality style and your personal circumstances.

Selina was able to help me suss out priorities from an endless string of nagging, ideas, projects and hobbies. She has profound insights above and beyond what I have encountered from peers or professional mentors. I would highly recommend working with Selina and plan to consult with her again
— Brian Kemler, GOOGLE, San Francisco