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Selina Barker Podcasts

For years I was all about writing. Now I'm all about pressing record and waxing lyrical on the topics I love.

You'll find me mostly over on the Project Love podcast interviewing women who follow their hearts and joining my co-host, Vicki Pavitt and guests to dive deep into conversations about everything from how to design a life you love to how to create a career that gives you freedom and fulfilment to how to find love and make it last. Oh...and sex.

Our podcast has had over 275,000 plays since it began.

Here IS a pick of some of my favourites...

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Creating a career you love

Let's talk about career change - a WHOLE episode on the PROJECT LOVe PODCAST DEDICATED TO TALKING ABOUT CAREER CHANGE

In this episode we dive deep into:

  • Why it might be that so many people are miserable in their jobs today (over 50% of the UK population wish they could change career!)

  • What the key phases to making a career change are

  • Why career change can feel so scary, how to manage those fears

And a whole lot more!

Interview with Emma Gannon about her brilliant new book 'The Multi-Hyphen Method'

I got to meet and interview one of my favourite people: Emma Gannon - the author, broadcaster and podcast host who is smashing it at the moment with her brand new book 'The Multi-Hyphen Method' - a book that I truly believe is going to make a huge and long-lasting impact on the way we create our own careers. We got together in a sweltering studio in Soho and I got very excited talking with her about the new world of work that is emerging and how it is offering us exciting new opportunities to work less, create more and design careers that really work for us.


discover what you really want to do with your life and how to get paid for it

Marianne Cantwell is the best-selling author of ‘Be a Free Range Human’ - THE book that I always recommend when it comes to discovering what you love to do and finding a career that gives you fulfilment and freedom. 

She joined me for an episode to talk about how to know when a traditional job is not for you (a lot of us simply aren’t suited to being employees!), how it’s not a case of having a job OR running your own business - there are all sorts of options out there for you - and how it’s not about finding the career that’s right for you, but creating the career that’s right for you. Plus a whole lot more.




On the show we chat about:

  • MY story and how I redefined the 'factory settings' of MY career early on.

  • How following your passions and what you enjoy doing can define your career.

  • How to follow and use your intuition rather than the path of 'should's and other people's expectations or obligations, to do what you really want to do.

  • The metamorphosis of our selves, and how this shapes our career path and career changes.

  • How career change doesn't have to be one big leap, it can be a series of explorations and projects in experimentation.

  • How to create a safe space for you to 'fail' as you're making new changes, or rather, how failure is not a real thing.

  • Why self care is fundamentally first when it comes to kicking a career change into action.

Women who follow their hearts

 Interview with laura lee from the band khruangbin

Two years ago she was settled in her marriage and job in London and had just completed her first album with her band, Khurangbin. She felt change was ahead, but wasn’t sure what that change would be and was afraid of what that change could bring.

Two years later and her life looks totally different. Things changed exactly as she had feared, but that change turned out to be the best thing that could have ever happened...

 interview with victoria helen roberts who changed career from events producer to sexpert

Victoria is a former client of mine who came to me when she was feeling stuck and miserable in a life and career that was beginning to feel toxic. She signed up to my coaching programme and embarked on an amazing journey to transform her relationship with herself, her love life, how she lives and what she does for a living. She is such an inspiration for how powerfully you can change your life, no matter how many fears you might have and how stuck you might feel. If you follow your heart, you can do it.

 interview with naomi mdudu

I invited Namoi Mdudu, founder of The Lifestyle Edit, onto the show to share her amazing story of how she brought about BIG change in almost every area of her life after major burn out (she started her own business, transformed her love life and moved from London to New York all within about a year!) and to share the lessons she has learnt from interviewing and working with 100s of successful female entrepreneurs over the past 3 years - you’ll find an incredible line up of women interviewed by Naomi over on The Lifestyle Edit.

Designing a life you love

why we all have to learn to dream again 

Listen in as we take a deep dive into the topic of dreaming: why our society and eduction system tells us NOT to dream, why that has stripped us all of our natural ability to create lives we love and what we can do to reclaim that power and start using our dreaming muscle as a tool to bring about the change we want to see in our lives and in the world we live in.

living a comparison-free life - interview with lucy sheridan

I met up with the world's first and only Comparison coach and author of Hay House book 'Higher Selfie' to get deep into discussion on why comparison is such an important topic for ALL of us to explore and how it can be holding us back in life.

sex, love, orgasms and everything in between

Victoria Helen Roberts joined me again in the Project Love 'studio' to talk about the taboo around discussing sex openly and honestly in our society - where that comes from and the impact it can have on us, the importance of exploring and experimenting when it comes to our bodies and what turns them on and why sometimes it’s best to take the orgasm off the menu for a bit to focus on the other aspects of sex and learning how to give your body pleasure all over.