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I have been creating successful online courses alone and in collaboration for more than 10 years. I have always loved bringing people together from all over the world to take them on journies of change that show them how they can transform their lives - whether it’s changing career, bringing a dream or idea to life or transforming their love life. And I have loved the opportunity to collaborate and work with bright and inspiring authors, helping them turn their books into practical courses that really work.

Here have been some of my favourite courses to date:

The Free Range Humans Ideas Adventure

"I came across the Ideas Adventure at a time when I knew that things had to change dramatically, but somehow I was just going around in circles with no real idea of what to do, or which way to go. Nothing worked until the Ideas Adventure.

Turns out my answer was hiding in plain sight but I never saw it before – and I never would have without this course.

I got started and it turned over a decent 4 figure sum in the first 3 months (I am pretty happy with that given that I had no business, and no turnover 6 months before!). I ended up making a good living from the idea I unearthed on this 6 week course, and I’m loving the life I’ve created." - MICHAEL D

"A 6 week programme with Marianne Cantwell and Selina Barker to help you discover what you really want to do with your life and how to get paid for it, without compromising your personality"

Marianne Cantwell is the best-selling author of Be a Free Range Human which has been translated into nine languages since it was first published five years ago..

I teamed up with Marianne shortly after the book was released to help her create the ‘Ideas Adventure’ - an online course that helps you to discover what you want to really do with your life (and how to get paid for it). We combined Marianne’s unique ‘free range’ approach to creating a business with my 'project process' which shows people how to take an idea or dream, no matter how big, and bring it to life on a small scale straight away. We've been running it together ever since.

The course is run once a year, over a 6 week period with up to 100 participants.


Get Ready For Love

"Get Ready for Love has totally refreshed my attitude towards myself and finding love… the right way!" - GRAZIA

Get Ready for Love is our signature course over at Project Love. Since it launched three years ago over 600+ women have been through the course and it's been featured in Red, Grazia, Psychologies magazine, Glamour and the Metro. 

Designed to feel like you have a love coach in your pocket, Get Ready for Love shows women how to go from feeling stuck, frustrated and fed up when it comes to dating to feeling confident, positive and and totally at peace when it comes to your love life, knowing that it’s only a matter of time until you’re in a happy, healthy and loving relationship.

With it's own online platform over at and a private facebook community, you go at your own pace through the 30 essential lessons with advice, tools and guidance that can be listened to during the commute or en route to a date.


Screw Work Let's Play 30 Day Challenge

"Wow. Just wow. In 6 years of writing for Psychologies Magazine I have done any number of goal-setting, dream-boarding, wish-creating type workshops. The Screw Works Let’s Play 30 day Challenge was the best ‘make it happen’ programme I have ever done."

- Anita Chaudhuri, Features Editor, Psychologies Magazine

Shortly after the launch of the book 'Screw Work Let's Play' I worked together with the author John Williams to co-design and run the Screw Work Let’s Play 30 Day Challenge that took the principles of his book - how to do what you love and get paid for it - and showed people how to do it in real time. We taught people how to come up with an idea and bring it to life in just 30 days with near-zero investment and without quitting your job.

We ran the Challenge together for 4 years with up to 300 people joining us from all over the world at any one time.

Over a 1000 people have been through the 30 Day Challenge since it began and John has since gone on to turn it into a book - Screw Work, Break Free.

This course is no longer available

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