YOUR 6 week career change programme

You're ready for a career change.

You want to do what you love and get paid for it
But hang on... what if you don't even know what you love doing?

Here's how to get some clarity in just a few weeks.

Are you ready to make a change in your career? Ready to try something totally new? Do you have lots of ideas, but don't know which one is the right one? Or do you have no idea what you want to do? Are you feeling burnt out, a little bit lost and wish that

Do you long for more freedom, wish you could do work that you love to do?

Then it's time to talk

Could you do with some help?


You know what you don't want. You don't want anymore 9-6 existence, being told what to do, working from a dull office. But you don't know what you do want to do instead. Or even if you have some ideas, can you really do that for a living or are you just being a dreamer?

You've spent months, possibly years trying to figure out what you could do for a job that you might actually enjoy, but here you still are. Stuck in the same old career and not any closer to

You set about putting it into action. But it's tough on your own. What if after doing all the exercises you still don't have a clear view of what you'd really love doing? When you draw a blank, or hit an obstacle, or get distracted by the other urgent demands of your life, it's all too easy to let your plans slip.

A week goes by, then a month, and you start to worry you'll never reach escape velocity and launch your new life.

Stop trying do it all on your own

You need someone on your side. You need your own personal guide and tough-love motivator  – you need Selina Barker.

Selina is no ordinary coach.

She's smart, funny, enthusiastic, incredibly compassionate and yet won't pull her punches when she knows you're ready to stretch yourself.

Selina knows her stuff; she was co-founder of the UK's leading career change organisation, Careershifters. But more importantly, she lives and breathes the ‘player’ lifestyle.

Last year Selina travelled the UK for 6 months, living and working from a campervan named Beryl, she went kayaking in Sweden, learnt to surf in Costa Rica, created a pop-up home in Buenos Aires for 5 weeks and lived on a boat in the snowy Chilean fijords. All this while leading a play revolution with me over at Screw Work Let's Play and coaching 100s of people in making their own dreams and play life come true.

Selina has an uncanny ability to help get people get to the truth of who they are, no matter how obscured it has become, and to start living it straight away.

“Can you believe that 5 months ago I was totally stuck & not knowing what to do?! If I had known it was this easy I would have done this ages ago.

It’s like a dream come true and I could never have done it without your encouragement and inspiration. Cheers Selina!”

– Ian McAllister, set up photography business in spare time, then went full-time

Stop the endless thinking and researching. Start playing

Over the years I have come up with a 6 week process that helps you xxxx

And during those 6 weeks, rather than just coming up with a nice plan (which you will also have at the end) you'll actually start bringing it to life in such a way that you realise that it really IS possible. That you DO have the ability to create the life that you want to be living. xxx getting to the core of what you really want to do.

"Selina has a magic touch for building your confidence so that you can get moving, and get excited about life again in the areas where it had gone a bit bleugh"

At the end of the 6 weeks we'll get together again, this time for a big planning session where we'll create your plan moving forward, taking a look at where you want to be in a year's time and working back from there until we have created your action plan for the following month.

This is designed for people who want to see results and fast. A full career change takes time but in six weeks you can already be taking big steps towards the career and lifestyle you want. You will have brought to life a piece of your bigger vision, you will have tried an idea out for size and will have learnt how to take an idea and try it out in just 4 weeks.

So that you go away, not only equipped with a PLAN to take forward with you, but also with all the tools you need to continue bringing your ideas to life, one project at a time, until you have built a life and way of working that you love.

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— Claire C.


How the Playmapping 5 Week Coaching Programme works

Your Playmapping journey kicks off with a week of guided (and fun) self-exploration, before you jump on the phone (or Skype video call) for your first one-to-one session with Selina.

This kicks off 4 weeks of playful exercises and assignments and you taking action and trying stuff out.

I am your personal cheerleader and coach for the 4 weeks of the project

You'll get weekly email checkins with me to keep you on track and in action - because sometimes accountability makes the difference between getting what you want and getting nowhere.

The programme ends with a big planning session where you'll finish up with a clear PLAN to take away with you as you continue on your journey.

You can take the coaching programme from anywhere in the world as sessions take place over the phone or video Skype.



How to tell you how much happier I am and how different my life is now? Where to begin? I think I might actually be a whole other person...

The guys have been asking me how you helped me quit and make a plan and actually go through with it all and i know there was quite a lot of magic and general witchcraft involved but mostly an amazing talent for your job.

So biggest hugest thanks to you may all the happiness you help your clients discover be visited on you too.
— – Cariad Findlater, quit her job in Wales as an anaesthetist after seven years and is now in the Antarctic as a polar medic!

I have space for 8 people on the coaching programme right now.

Act now if you want to be one of them.

Including the two 1-to-1 sessions with Selina, play mapping exercises and assignments,
weekly email checkins, and your roadmap to take away.


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