Hi lovely! Here is a bumper pack of podcast episodes and videos where I share guidance and advice on how to make a successful career change, no matter how busy (or terrified) you are!


Let’s Talk about Career Change

Enjoy this whole episode from the Project Love podcast where I got to spend an entire episode diving deep into the topic of Career Change. This one is jam packed with guidance and practical tips!


discover what you really want to do with your life (and how to get paid for it)

Marianne Cantwell is author of ‘Be a Free Range Human’ - THE book I recommend to ALL of my clients (and anyone who wants a career that gives them FREEDOM). Marianne and I have been running courses on career change together for the past 10 years. Join us as we wax lyrical on the messy but life changing journey of changing career.


Self-celebration and creating a career you love

Sarah Powell has possibly the most exciting and inspiring career mix of anyone I know. Here she shares honestly and openly about how she got there, how it wasn’t always that way and the year she spent feeling lost and ‘in the wilderness’ before she got help to find a career path that makes her heart sing!


interview with one of my clients on her incredible career change story

Victoria Roberts came to me when she was living a fast-paced life in London, burning the candle at many ends and while it was fun and money was good, she was burnt out and knew this wasn’t what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. But she felt stuck and miserable and couldn't see any way forward.

After that first teary phonecall Vic embarked on an amazing journey during which we saw her transform her relationship with herself, her love life, how she lives and what she does for a career.

In this podcast episode we talk about her journey and the new career she enjoys today!