It’s time to listen to your heart and do what you love in life

Right at this moment we are busily preparing the Get Ready for Love digital programme over at Project Love (come and check us out if you haven’t already!) that will be going on sale this June.

And so I’ve been spending the last few weeks totally absorbed in the writing process and feeling such a sense of love and gratitude as I do so.

Because this is me doing what I love. Totally immersed in a creative process that makes my heart sing and makes me come alive.

This is my job.

And it has inspired today’s blog post.

It’s time to listen to your heart and DO what you love in life.

Because when you find work you love to do, you will find a source of love that will sustain you for life.

So find the things you love to do and let that make up your day to day. Let that lie at the heart of the work that you do and the way you earn a living. Because when you do that you align yourself with love, you fill your life with it and you shine.

Find a deeply happy person and you’ll find them doing what they love in life.

I love my work. I am so passionate and dedicated to what I do: the writing, the coaching, the guiding, the course designing. All of it.

For ten years now this has been what I’ve dedicated myself to and while it’s not without its challenges at times, my work is truly a labour of love. More and more so.

Now this might feel like a million miles off from your experience of work at the moment and once upon a time I would have felt the same. And you speak to anyone who loves what they do now and you’ll find most of them will get it too – they will once have been on a path in life doing things that just didn’t make their hearts sing either.

And so at some point they will have had to have made a choice.

A choice to change.

A choice to listen in to their heart and let it set new coordinates for them.

And choosing to follow those new coordinates can at first feel terrifying.

It often means letting go of what has become familiar, what feels safe and secure and trade it in for the unknown and uncertain.

It means no longer looking to the world around you for guidance but trusting your own inner guidance that comes from your heart and daring to follow that. Doing that for the first time takes serious courage and actually I found out to my delight the other day (via the wonderful Brene Brown) that the root of the word courage is ‘cor’ – the latin word for heart. It makes sense.

The early days ARE often scary, but this I know: people that have taken the risk, faced their fears and followed the course their hearts want to take, no matter how scary and uncertain it might at first seem, never ever regret it.

Because despite the courage it might first take and the fears you might have to face along the way, when you start to takeyour cues from your heart and soul, something magical happens: You start to experience what it really is to feel free. You discover inner resources of strength, creativity, courage and wisdom that you perhaps didn’t know you had.

And above all you find a source of love that will last you a life time.

So if you’re NOT doing what you love in life at the moment,  then stop, pause, breeeeathe, take a step back and a step inside and listen in to what your heart is telling you to do.

And then go and do that.

Because your heart knows what will make you truly happy.

x Selina

Selina Barker