VIDEO: Doing not dreaming & the journey to freedom

Last week I was interviewed by Tanya Boardman - a lady who I've been lucky enough to see flourish over the past few years while she's done 121 coaching and online courses with me. In the last 'Ideas Adventure' that I ran with Marianne Cantwell over at Free Range Humans she started up a blog called (brilliant name - how was that URL not already taken!?) and has been interviewing people ever since - people who follow their hearts and make their dreams and ideas come true. She even interviewed my dad about sailing his own boat over to the Antarctic.

So it was wonderful to be interviewed by Tanya and we got into some great juicy conversations about the journey to freedom - why we crave it and then why it terrifies us when we first get there, the importance of learning and growing, how we can benefit from collaborating and why we need to fill our lives with love.

As Tanya says 'it’s a long one, but a good one and worth diving in to understand how you can design a life you love'.