2 years ago she came to me in tears...now look how far she has come

This week has been a buzz of exciting activity as we get ready for the launch of this year's Free Range Human 'Ideas Adventure' (it goes on sale TODAY at 7pm UK time! More details on that below), but I took some time out, in amongst it all, to talk to Stacey - a fabulous lady that I coached after she called me tears two years ago, desperate to leave her job, but with no idea of what else she could do.

She walked out of that memorable session feeling like she had been set free, excited for what lay ahead, realising that she had full permission to leave that job and to never have to do work that made her miserable again. Two weeks later she had signed up to the Ideas Adventure and it was during that course that she mapped out a future for herself that had her standing on stage, jet-setting all over the world and living a life that she loved.

That is the life she is now living today and wow has she thrived! Just see for yourself.

Here she is interviewing me and together we tell her story of how she made that change, how the Ideas Adventure made such a huge difference and how so much of it is to do with learning the right tools and shifting your mindset.

Watch the video below and be inspired!

And if you've always dreamed of being your own boss and doing work that you love, then let's start making it happen. The Ideas Adventure goes on sale today at 7pm UK time. For the next 48 hours you'll get it at its lowest price and with a complimentary massage thrown in (I love that part)!

HEAD OVER TO www.free-range-humans.com/ideasadventure at 7PM today and a sales page will magically appear (or leave your email address now and we'll send you a reminder at 7pm).

Let's go!

x Selina

Selina Barker