Your education screwed you ever, but it’s not too late to change that

I’m big on education. That we need to be totally transforming it and I mean fully scrap how it’s done and start again. I’m two feet fully into the campaign that Sir Ken Robinson is waging to change education paradigms. Watch this video animation of his incredible talk on it (it’s not the creativity one):

It would be incredible for our children to be given an entirely different kind of guidance in life to the one we were given, but what about those of us that were trained up for the wage-slave industry – programmed to follow instructions, get results, hit targets – is there any hope for those of us that had our creativity and curiosity stifled from an early age? Is it too late for us? Do we just have to accept our fate as a generation thwarted with high levels of stress, anxiety, neurosis, addiction and depression because we were forced to conform rather than shown how to LIVE? Are we damaged goods? Is there any hope for us?

Course there is!

Look, we do need to acknowledge the twisted shape our education and work culture has got us into. It’s important and useful to understand that it IS in large part because of how we were educated/brainwashed that so many people are feeling powerless, directionless and unfulfilled in life. BUT – and this part is really important so listen in – once you recognise that you were trained up in a way that disconnected you from your power, you can choose. You can choose to get it back. AT ANY STAGE IN LIFE.

And the best way I have found to do that has been to go back to basics. To engage in the activities I loved as a child. To give myself the kind of guidance and freedom to play and create that I wish I’d had growing up.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you are able to undo old habits that go against your true nature once you start to bring in new habits that allow you to be fully you again.

Over the last 6 years I have dedicated serious amounts of time to playing, creating, going on adventures, exploring, experimenting and bringing dreams to life, including long lost dreams of a much younger me. It brought me back to life again. It brought me back to me.

My life’s priorities are now to do what makes me come alive, to do what I love, to put happiness and wellbeing at the header of everything and to let my life grow from there.

Do I wish I’d been taught this from the start at school? Yes. Did it ruin my life that I wasn’t? Nope.

Which means if it didn’t ruin things for me then it hasn’t ruined things for you. You have the power, the choice, the ability to create a life out of doing the things you love.

Start by going back and doing just one thing you loved or always wanted to do as a child and take it from there. Remember do it for the enjoyment of doing it and not the outcome – that is pure play. And once you get seriously into that…you’ll be hooked!

Let me know how it goes

With much love,

Selina Barker