What do you do with your dreams after the holidays are over?

Ahh I love this time of year when people have been heading off travelling, going off on summer holiday adventures, festivals, yoga retreats, off to a remote slice of the world where they’ve been able to unplug and do the things they love.

I love it because they come back with all these fresh new ideas and dreams for what they want in their lives and you know how I love to leap on a good dream and help people make it happen and the time is always ripe straight after a holiday.

You see when we take ourselves out of our usual routine, out of our usual environment, when we get some space, get woken up by the new and unfamiliar environment around us, step out of those same old daily conversations, step out of our daily roles, we do quite literally find ourselves.

It’s an old cliche – ‘finding yourself’ when you go travelling – but it has a great deal of truth in it, because when we travel we step out of complicated, hectic lives, full of distraction. We step off the treadmill and into a much slower, simpler way of life. We are stripped back, stripped down and with all the noise and frenetic activity going on you do quite literally find yourself. You hadn’t gone anywhere. You were there all along. You just couldn’t see yourself or hear yourself because of all the noise, all the activity.

Now here you are with you and yourself and finally you can take a look at your life from a distance and see where there is pain, where there is joy, where there is a craving for growth, where there are situations that really need to be dealt with. You see what is working and what isn’t working, what you want more of and what you want less of in your life.

It’s when we give ourselves space that we start to see things clearly, that new ideas for what we want in our lives start to bud and flourish. It is fertile ground for dreams to rise up and really start to take shape.

The problem is that quite often when the sun has gone down, we’ve packed our bags and are heading home, all that noise, that frenetic activity all starts up again and if we’re not careful those dreams get forgotten again in the noise and daily distractions. Dreams when they’re new, are fragile and quiet. They don’t yet have the force, power, or support to take priority in your life, so you have to help them.

How? By getting deeply practical.

People look at the way I live and work and put it down to luck, fate, maybe a trust fund or a sugar daddy I never mention!

Nope. I got here under my own steam because I took those dreams seriously and turned them into practical projects.

And that is all you have to do now with those dreams of yours.

Now, everyone’s dreams are different so the specific actions you need to take to get the ball rolling are going to be different, but there is something you can ALL do to get those dreams going and that is to create the space for them and give them what they need to get growing.

This is what I am suggesting to everyone at the moment:

1. Put aside one evening a week to focus your energy, attention and activity onyour new ‘project’ whether it’s career change, a creative endeavour or a lifestyle change. Don’t let anything else get in the way of your project evening – make it an appointment that cannot be moved. On that evening nurture that dream, turn it into a practical project, break it down into chunks, get others involved to help you bring it to life. Do whatever you need to do to help your dream flourish into reality.

2. Get yourself a fresh new notebook and label it with the name of your project. Carry this everywhere and gather all your thoughts, useful info and contacts around your project. Use it to set out a timeline of actions, people to get in touch with, tick off actions that you’re going to take each week. Watch your dream come to life through the pages of this notebook – it’s a wonderful thing to be able to look back at when one day you’re living your dream and it gives your project a place to start coming alive in.

Ultimately it’s all about taking those dreams seriously and giving them the space to grow fed by your commitment and actions.

Let’s get to it!

x Selina

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Selina Barker