These guys rock my world…now let them rock yours!

Long before I knew what my career was going to look like I said I wanted to write, I wanted to meet and collaborate with people that inspired me. This week has been one of those weeks where I’ve sat back in awe and given that kid I was then a nudge as if to say ‘wow, you frickin did it, and how – keep hold of that dream because you make it happen!’.

I have the privilege to work with and name amongst my closest partners in play, some of THE MOST inspiring people I have ever come across.

This week I’ve been rocking and rolling with a whole crew of them as we gear up for the Screw Work Let’s Play 30 Day Challenge kicking off on October 1st (there ARE still a few places left so go check it out of the sound of it gets your heart pumping just a little). We’ve been shooting videos, broadcasting talk-shop-webinar bonanzas and basically doing what we all love best – waxing lyrical about bringing your dreams to life, making your ideas happen and living life to your own rules, playing full out and riding that roller coaster. Because that is what we all do and we all share that soul-sourced desire to share this with the world. Not only that it’s possible but that we want to help you do the same, if it’s what YOU want.

These kind of people rock my world and I mean ROCK it. Each and every one of them has changed my life, helped me grow, flourish, have the courage to be me and gimme a smack when I’m trying to be anything but. So this Juicy Tuesday I want to introduce you to just a few of those guys that rock my world, so that they can rock yours too…

Dave McQueen


I could write forever about Dave and what he’s doing out there to inspire young people, but it’s much better that you just see it for yourselves. Just watch this…it left me utterly speechless…it knocked the famous Steve Jobs speech to #2 on my top inspiring speeches of all time. Seriously. Prepare to be BLOWN:

Follow him: @DavidMcQueen
Read him: iamdavemackBut above all…WATCH HIM:

Marianne Cantwell

Sign up to Marianne’s newsletters, honestly her Friday love letters are like a mad whirlwind of online stand up, with huge dollops of breath-taking wisdom mixed into the fold. She is sassy, witty, super bright and mad as a box of frogs in the way that all the best people are.

One of my favourite quotes from her which gets me going every time:

Be a free ranger human (or a player!) and commit to finding another way of doing it. Be the person who does it differently, be the example you’re looking for and then when people look at what you have in a year or two they’ll ask ‘how on earth did she/he do that? I wish I was as lucky as them’… but you’ll know it wasn’t luck.
You’re not building a business you’re creating a life, and that takes guts.
Go for it tiger!

Go meet her over at and make sure you sign up to her newsletter and join her Free Range Tribe!

Connie Hozvicka

Where are the words to describe Connie…I just…well I’m going to try. This lady is a force for life and truly, madly, deeply talented artist in so many ways. A juicy, soul-lifting, energising LOVE MACHINE who moves mountains with peels of laughter and joy. She has inspired me beyond measure in the past year since she leapt with juicy fabulousness into my life across the internet waves flooding it with her almighty Dirty Foot Prints Studio party.

Follow her on twitter, check out her Fearless painting blog and programmes. Just inject this lady into your life somehow because it will charge your life with a megawatt of love, energy and joy. Nuff said.

John Williams

Imagine reading a book that blew your socks off, that just summed up the very values with which you approach life in a way that you’d never been able to find the words to describe. Enter onto stage left of my life Screw Work, Let’s Play: How to Do What You Love and Get Paid for it

And check out the 30 Day Challenge that John and I are running together kicking off on 1st October


I couldn’t leave today’s Juicy Tuesday without a mention of Sab. A hidden gem in the blogging world, she lives a truly created fearless life, from the heart and soul. I started out kind of mentoring her and now she fully mentors me with a laser-sharp insight. She is a truly talented artist, writer, dancer, mentor and more. She embodies free, uninhibited self-expression. They way she honours who she is and dares to be her, fully, no holding back never fails to amaze me.Check out what she’s up to over here and here and above all check out her ‘If you’re Stuck Chew on This‘ collection. It kicks ASS.

So there they are. The rockstars in my life. Take the time to watch, read and listen. I’m not just sharing them with you because they are people that I love, I’m sharing them with you because they are stand alone pure inspiration and I want to share them with the world. Because the way they live, what they do, how they contribute to the world and the messages they spread, have the capactiy to change your life, as they have mine.

To all of you I thank you deeply. There aren’t words enough to express how grateful I am to have you in my life.

Small words but I hope you feel their depth.

Thank you.

Selina Barker