There isn’t a stranger lying beneath…

People get terrified when they know it’s time to shed their old skin. They fear that the person that lies beneath is a stranger, someone they won’t recognise, that they’ll have to be someone that feels totally alien to them, that this ‘new you’ will insist that you abandon all your family and friends and move to the other side of the world and live in a teepee weaving straw mats and only then will you be happy. No kidding, I see this all the time in the people I guide through change and transitions in life.

But the reality is that when you dare to let that old skin shed, when you cut away the dead wood and let go of the old dreams, beliefs, attitudes and roles that you’ve been clinging on to for far too long, you don’t find a stranger hiding under there. You find you. You find home.

(painting by my grandmother – Noel Barker)

Selina Barker