My ‘unplugged’ holiday…how I got on

This morning at 6am I touched down in London Gatwick.

Twenty four hours ago, I was here:


It was my unplugged holiday of pure delicious BEING.
No laptop,no phone on, no note book for cooking up dreams and making plans. No thinking, no problem solving, no forward planning, no trying to figure ‘stuff’ out, no coaching, not even any quiet reflection.

No more thinking unless it’s ‘shall I lie in the hammock or under that palm tree? Do I feel like a mango or strawberry cocktail? And then…shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….space.


Peaceful, blissful, mindful, non-action (unless it’s pleasure giving) space to simply BE with no pressure on who or how I be.

A holiday in the here and now!

I was nervous about how I’d get on. I’d got so hooked on the intoxicating lust of planning, doing, creating, doing, doing, doing, that I’d started to think without it I’d suddenly feel anchorless. The idea of not being allowed to wrap myself in the comfort blanket of planning what next made me panic slightly.

Turns out there was no need to panic.

Turns out that the moment you give me a tropical paradise, a beach hut with a hammock swinging in the breeze, a mile of sandy white beach and turquoise pacific ocean and 3 of my favourite people in life then I will give you an instantly unplugged Selina, fully in the here and now.

I spent the first few days doing very little other than lying on the beach, meditating, stretching, lying in a hammock, gazing out at sea. My body and soul drank up the meditation, the stretching, the self-massage. Day by day I felt the stress, pent up emotion, fatigue, wash out of my body. I had arrived with my body tense and wound up like a coil, by day three I looked in the mirror and was taken aback as I saw a peaceful, calm, relaxed face gaze back at me. Not the furrowed brow of an occupied mind thatI’d been catching in my reflection recently.

By day four I felt more grounded than I had in years. I was grounding myself, not in plans, not in projects, not in the future, as I had been recently, but in the simple act of being present in the here and now.

By day six I was fully blissed out. Our days revolved around sunrises, sunsets, surf and guacamole. My body felt relaxed, clear and rejuvinated.
And my mind?

It felt back in balance. I found I could kick it into gear when I needed to but for the rest of the time I could just leave it on standby. To be honest on some days (due to overdoing it in the sun or taking a bang to the head during a surf lesson) I didn’t bother disturbing it at all.

As I stood with my feet in the sea on Sunday evening, watching the sun burn a bright orange and make a beeline for the horizon, I breathed it in and gave a thank you for another magical experience and another big lesson learnt. That not only can I slip quite easily into the here and now, when I put my mind to it, but I love it in there.

And as the waves washed over my feet I promised myself that from now on balance, harmony, connectedness, grounding myself consciously in the here and now would become part of my daily routine.

So the moment I click send on this Juicy Tuesday I’m off to meditate. Yep. Getting more and more like a hippy day by day. And you know what? I love it.

Big love to you all – come and chat to me below on the subject of all things unplugged, nourishing and connecting.

x Selina

Selina Barker