Labour of love – have you found yours yet?

Noone told me at school that finding your sense of purpose in life, finding that thing you felt you were born to do, creating a career that just felt totally aligned with who you are and everything that you’re about would be one of the most worthwhile missions I could ever undertake. Noone even told me it was possible.

But I am living proof that it is possible.

Doing what I love in life, having a career that feels like a daily labour of love, knowing that I am making a difference & getting to see people’s lives change for the better with the work that I do…it is a gift. To me. And one that I am deeply grateful for. I am grateful for every person that helped me and encouraged me onto that path, all those that cheer me on as I continue on it and I am grateful for having the bloody mindedness to believe in that dream and then holding tight through all those moments of fear and feeling like I’d lost my way. For not giving up. For following that heart of mine.

I genuinely jump out of bed in the morning looking forward to my day. My work plays a key part in that – it is my daily joy, a constant source of creativity. I get to collaborate with great thinkers, writers and philosophers, artists, adventurers. People who live created lives, who live fearlessly, from the heart. I have so much fun with it – my business is my own personal playground and a source of growth and self-discovery. And I get to marry it with whatever adventure I choose – from campervan road trips to bohemian set-ups in Buenos Aires to living in the Canadian mountains. But above all it gives me a sense of purpose in life. And that experience is unparallelled.

The freedom and choice we have today to live life to our own rules, to create our own careers, to do what we love and make that our life’s work, to find our purpose in life is unprecedented. So if you feel that longing to find what that ‘thing’ is for you, to have a labour of love, a life’s work, then don’t ignore it. The best gift you could ever give yourself is to invest the time and effort in reconnecting with your passion and finding that thing you were born to do.

My latest labour of love that we’re getting ready to launch over at Screw Work Let’s Play this week is all about helping people do that.

IGNITION – a fast-start programme to get you clear on what you really want to do with your life – and start doing it right now.

And the best part is you can do it at your own pace, in your own time, from wherever you are in the world. We’ve taken John’s genius and plucked out the goldenest nuggets, teamed it up with my energy and coaching pizazz and bottled it up into a DIY digital programme making it accessible to thousands.

Do you know how giddy it makes me to be offering something like this to the world and to know that it really works?

Here are a couple of emails I got recently from people who had been through this SWLP process that forms the core of IGNITION:

I just wanted to say a huge thank you again to you and John. You both helped me make the the difficult to decision to leave my safe well paid job to pursue my love of making things. I wasn’t quite sure what it would be, but a summer of experimentation and being open to opportunities has resulted in me starting a stone masonry diploma. And I AM LOVING IT! Get everyone to ask themselves what they wanted to do when they were children and get them to at least give it go… and measure their happiness… and see how it just goes up and up and up and up. And the great things is, that it’s not just you that feels happier its everyone around you. That’s the best thing! — Laura

I was drowning under the weight of self-imposed expectations. The SWLP programmeunexpectedly changed the course of my life. I’ve closed my business, written the first draft of a novel, and have been selected to crew on a yacht, circumnavigating the globe – my biggest dream come true. I haven’t been so happy in years! You just have to be willing to be play, and see what happens! If it hadn’t been for you, I fear I would still be stuck. I can’t thank you enough. — Robyn

These make my day. These are my reward.

So this week let’s celebrate the things we do in life that make us feel well and truly ALIVE and if you feel there is still something lurking in the shadows waiting to be uncovered then get your hands on IGNITION. I’m going to be doing the programme myself (believe it or not it has just as much power on me even when I’ve co-written it!) over the next month or so and will be reporting on how I do. In fact I’ll think of a way that those of us doing it can report back on how we’re doing. Maybe we can tweet about it? Would that work for you?

IGNITION GOES ON SALE THIS FRIDAY. It’s on special offer for 24 hours only so I’m going to send you a quick email reminder on Friday so that if you do want it you don’t miss it.

Much love,

x Selina

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