Keep those new dreams safe and secret

Keep those new dreams safe and secret when they are shiny, fresh and new…


Like a new seedling, this is when a dream is at its most vulnerable. The closer it is to your heart – the more it comes from you, right from in there –  the more vulnerable it is. The lightest throw away comment can dislodge it, deflate it, reshape it, kill it off altogether.

And I’m not just talking negative comments. Any opinion when we’re seeking reassurance, when our dreams are still growing into their full form, have the power to infiltrate, plant seeds of doubt or dilute that dream with other people’s opinions until too many cooks have spoilt that dream and its power is lost. It falls limply to one side and another dream bites the dust.

So when you first have a dream, keep it for a while just between the two of you.There is something delicious and exciting about keeping a dream close to your heart at first, letting it take shape, find its form, allowing it to grow naturally and organically.

This is a time to practice trusting in yourself and believing in your dream. A time to battle your own doubts and fears as you step over that rocky path from having a dream to committing 100% to making it real.

Give yourself time to get comfortable with it. Find pictures, colours, music, places that connect you with that dream every day. As much as that dream came from the heart, you will also find you have to grow into it.

So enjoy those early days, enjoy that secret you have with you and yourself, start creating a space to bring that dream down to earth.

Keep watering and feeding that dream until it is tall and strong, until it can take the attack, the fear, the opinions of others and stay rooted to the ground, rooted to your heart and continue to grow. Until one day, suddenly, there you are, living it.

Selina Barker