Juicy Tuesday #21: Don’t wait until tomorrow to start living the life you want

Three weeks ago I declared in a Juicy Tuesday that on the 1st November I was going to finally do that one thing that I long to do and never dare to do. I was going to start to paint. After 7 years of not picking up a paint brush.

Know what? Scrap that plan.

I started today.

Why? Because what was I waiting for? Why delay living the life you want, doing the things you dream of doing, for tomorrow?

20 minutes is all I needed, is all any of us need to start doing that thing we long to do.

So I did.

And I made a video for you all. My first Juicy Tuesday video!

It’s 10 minutes.

And when you’ve watched it, you’ll know the invitation I’m offering to you. Head over and get in on the conversation here or respond straight back to this email.

Lots of love,

Selina Barker