Have a crack at being grateful…right now…where you’re sitting

It’s a brilliant game. I’m hooked. I do it on the tube, where I normally sit closed up, making myself invisible, imagining myself somewhere else. Instead I look around and practice being grateful for everything from the guy I don’t know sitting next to me to the handles on the roof of the carriage. It suddenly colours the world I’m sitting in. Everything suddenly feels special. I feel like I’m surrounded by gifts. Makes me laugh too to be sitting there amongst strangers being deeply and elatedly grateful for the guy I don’t know sitting next to me.

And now I’m throwing it at everything – past relationships, the ending of chapters, my family, myself, the rain, lessons I’ve learnt, my laptop. It gets me loving everything in sight. It’s like I’ve found a new shiny toy that throws fairy dust on everything and brings about instant happiness.

Selina Barker