Finding my tribe

I love what I do – I’m a life change coach – I call myself a ‘career’ coach, because who the hell is gonna hire a life change coach – but essentially I am a life-change coach and a sh*t hot one. And I have no issue with blowing my trumpet, because I kick ass like even I don’t believe. I was born to do this. I have a gift for it, I don’t always get it, I genuinely don’t get how it works sometimes, but I love it. I feel blessed every day that I get to spark the match that lights the fire inside people.

So, I want to take people on a journey. I want to continue doing what I do, but not just for the people that I coach 121 or the 10 people every other month that join the e-course I coach on. I want to reach out far and wide. Just see if I can. I want to join the likes of Susannah Conway and Danielle LaPorte. I want to lead my own tribe.

But who is that tribe, what are my messages and how do I grow that tribe?

I’m gradually discovering the tribe I belong to – witches, coaches, inspirers, intuitives, healers, shamans, doulas, curanderas, transformational guides, entrepreneurs, players – the people that take people on journies – of healing, transformation, life and death, of letting go, of creating. Ooh yeah, i can feel it in my gut that this is where I belong. Each has their own message and they each lead their own tribe.

Now I want to lead mine. But how and to do what?

I devoured Seth Godin’s book ‘Tribes’ about 6 months ago and Danielle LaPorte’s FireStarter Sessions remains half done. I wasn’t quite ready for it when I bought it but now it probably is time.

But what is my message? WHAT DO I STAND FOR?

I want to lead a tribe that grows and grows and grows into a large community – full of chatter and projects exploding left right and centre, lives changing, lessons being learnt and shared, inspirational stories being told, fires being lit, old skins being shed and people daring to be themselves. Those are the ones I love. The ones who are up for experimenting, daring, learning, creating. The ones who see life as an adventure. A project that isn’t designed to make money (though it certainly can) but a project that is designed to create a game, a journey for them. One that gives them the chance to play and create what they want in life. It’s about being you completely, playing to your strengths, having the life you want and also being of service.

Again it could come back to

‘Don’t ask what the world needs
Ask what makes you come alive
And then go and do that
Because what the world needs
Is people that have come alive’

What will you do? What’s your thing gonna be? What’s your journey? What’s your project? What change do you want it to bring about?

But I want a slogan, I want a framework. And I want to get started. Using my own project in April as the starting point. Join me on my journey and create your own…sort of thing.

Let’s see what comes up…

Selina Barker