Choose a project then let’s make it happen!

Are you the kind of person that makes your ideas happen? Want to be? Then listen up…

In just over 3 weeks time the 30 Day Challenge kicks off and I am getting just a teeny bit excited about it. Over 200 people are joining us this time as our play revolution gets even bigger!

The Screw Work Let’s Play 30 Day Challenge is a big online party with a purpose that we throw for 30 days. And by us I mean one of my all time heroes, John Williams, author of the (best-selling) book ‘Screw Work Let’s Play’ and a crew of people that rock my world and I mean ROCK it.

Just have a gander at this…

In a nutshell it’s about YOU making something awesome happen, creating something you love, launching something that makes you feel all proud and excited in 30 days. Something you perhaps didn’t think you’d ever do, just kept dreaming about it, not sure how to start it.

This is your chance to stop thinking, stop dreaming, scheming, planning and to start DOING IT.

So how does it work?

Every single one of you brings along an idea you want to make happen – it might be one you’ve been thinking about for ages, it might be one you dream up over a couple of days before the Challenge begins. Whatever you’re idea it’s one that needs to have you doing the things you really enjoy in life. The things that give you a buzz, make you come alive.

You bring your project and for 30 days we get you playing full out to make it happen AND we show you how to make things happen with the least effort and the most fun – the player way.

You don’t need an idea already to take part. You might just feel a bit bored with work at the moment and fancy doing something to shake off the cobwebs, get the creative juices flowing again, or you might have a big badass idea but don’t know where to start. That’s not a problem, before the Challenge starts we give you a whole formula to help you figure out and conjure up an awesome 30 Day project to get you going.

Last time we had people throwing pop up events, creating books, starting websites, launching their first products. They don’t have to be huge show stopper projects either. Often the simplest projects become the most successful.

At the heart of it this 30 Day Challenge is about YOU making an idea happen. An idea that excites you. It’s about you seeing something you’ve dreamt up become a reality, you doing something you love for 30 days, you making one of your ideas actually happen.

Like the sound of that? Then come andJoin the 30 Day Challenge

See you on the court!

Selina Barker