What is turning you off?

This Tuesday is my ‘What Turns You On?’ workshop with Dave McQueen (early bird tix only available til midnight tonight).

We’ll be helping people identify what turns them ON, but as much as that what turns them OFF.

So I thought I was time for a blog post on that topic:

What turns YOU off?

For me it’s too much time alone trying to figure stuff out with just me and Google as my brainstorming buddy, repetitive tasks, spreadsheets, anything that comes under the heading ‘admin’, people that prefer to moan than proactively find solutions,  following someone else’s instructions or orders (it’s why I have to be my own boss), too much stuff going on at the same time, cubicles, pressure.

As I practice keeping myself living and working more and more from the pleasure peak zone I keep these major turn-offs to a minimum. It takes practice, it takes habit breaking and remaking and sometimes it takes courage.

But do whatever it takes, because your happiness, wellbeing, success and fulfilment are at stake.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Take a moment now to write down the things in your day to day life that are a massive turn-off to you.
2. Then write another list of things you can do to get these things banished from  or at the very least minimised in your life.
3. Start actually implementing these changes.

I know it sounds obvious, I know it sounds simple, but more often than not the biggest transformations in our lives start with the simplest of actions and smallest of changes.

So do it.

Because I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: life’s not a dress rehearsal, make this one as enjoyable for you as possible. Because it IS down to you.
And if you are in London and free on Tuesday come and join us for our‘What Turns You On?’ workshop

x S

Selina Barker