What dream of yours would you most like to see come true in 2015?

If you saw my blog post last week you’ll know I’m leaping into a whole new chapter of learning. And I am LOVING it. I’m taking myself back to school and creating my own programme of classes from online courses to 121 coaching to help me create a smart online business that really flows and really delivers a great experience to people.

Rather than focusing on playing a game around money, I’m playing the ‘mastery’ game. I want to master the art of creating an online experience for people – that’s you guys – that inspires you to live life the way you really want to live it.

I want to give you, and me for that matter, the guidance, the inspiration and the encouragement that I wish we’d all been given in school: to get on the arena and play full out at listening to our dreams and bringing them to life. To not limit yourself and not be limited by what you fear people will think if you go after your dreams.

That it is always worth the effort.

So today I wanted to bring up with you all the topic of ‘following your dreams’.

And I know that talking about ‘dreams’ and ‘making them come true’ can sound cheesy, but I don’t care, because I have seen over and over again how much following our dreams brings us to life and that’s why I love figuring out what it takes – the practical steps needed, the approach, the mindset – to make our dreams come true, no matter what that dream is.

I genuinely believe that when we start to listen to the part of ourselves that dreams, we are tapping in to the wisest part of ourselves – the part that knows what we need next to grow and come alive. And so taking your dreams seriously is one of the most important things we can do for both ourselves and, quite often, the people and world around us.

So what I would love to know from you today is what dreams do you have that you would love to see come true? And what would you say are the biggest barriers to thatdream coming true for you at the moment?

Be courageous in answering this one. Don’t hold back. I promise I won’t then come badgering you about whether or not you’ve made that dream happen.

I just want to know what dreams people are having out there. Are you dreaming of having a job doing something you love? Starting your own business? Living in a whole new way? Finding love? Making a film? Making loads of money? Taking off and travelling?

It can be a big pipe dream that you’re not even sure is possible or a tiny dream. Either way I want to hear it. Whisper it to me if you like by emailing me at hello <at> selinabarker.com or come and let me know on my facebook page – there is a power in declaring your dreams publically…

I look forward to hearing what dreams are calling to you at the moment.

x Selina

Selina Barker