The stupidest piece of advice ever: Fake it til you make it

I’ve got my rant on today.

This particular rant is at a piece of advice I see bandied around everywhere. And it has to stop.

It’s this one: fake it til you make it.

It BAFFLES me why this has taken off as a sound piece of advice for those starting out.

Pretend to be something that you’re not because what you are isn’t going to be good enough? Lie to the world? Hide who you really are? Don’t be honest, don’t be real?

How is any of that a good idea? It’s the stupidest piece of advice I’ve ever heard.

It is not an effective strategy for success.

Let me explain first why faking it doesn’t work.

First of all, faking it feels crappy.
You have to put in huge amounts of effort to pretend to be something you’re not, while forever feeling a fraud and imposter and terrified that any minute now you’re going to be found out. Aint no flow going on there.

Secondly, a lesson from bed to business: People can tell when you’re faking it.
Far from attracting people, it actually makes them eye you with suspicion and back away.  Faking it at being some big-shot expert, when you’ve been in the game a month, is pointless. Noone buys it. There’s nothing to engage with. Nothing real. So people are left feeling faintly suspicious and disconnected from you.

Does it mean you can’t play big until you are big? No. You can play big right from the start if you want to. It’s about thinking big and taking actions that are aligned with big thinking. But don’t, for the love of god, pretend to be big when you’re not. It’s just cringy.

Being real, being honest. That’s where your power is. If you’re new to something, don’t try to hide it. Being new to a scene is not a bad thing. Your power IS that you’re new to this. You come from somewhere else, with your own unique bag of experiences. That’s what makes you and what you’re offering to the world special.

And that is the whole point I’m making here. You are too special to pretend to be something that you’re not.

If you want to be big, play big.

But never ever fake it.

It’s not cool.
It’s not what people want.
Be real.
THAT is what people want.

And breathe. Rant over.

So what do you think? Think it’s the stupidest idea ever too? Or am I missing something? Have you faked it til you made it, had a ball and made a huge success out of it? Leave your comments below.
x Selina

Selina Barker