The power and importance of defining what success REALLY means to you

The power and importance of defining what success REALLY looks like to you from Selina on Vimeo.

I loved doing this interview SO much. It is the second interview of my new video series “Inspired” where I interview people who inspire me with the way they live and work.

Well this week I got to interview the fabulous Jen Gresham .  A former US Air Force scientist who changed her life around and became a career coach and writer – and a seriously shit-hot coach and writer at that.

She brings an intelligence and insight into what it takes to create the life you really want to live that constantly inspires and fascinates me.

Above all it’s what she has to say on the topic of success that really blows me away. And I think you’ll be blown away too. Which is why I’ve given you the full 27 minute interview because there is just so much gold in it.

Because how we define success has a huge impact on the way we live our lives, the choices we make and how we feel about our lives.

A HUGE impact.

Way more than I ever realised until I talked in full with Jen about it.

If you don’t get clear on your own personal definition of success you will find yourself chasing things that could never bring you happiness even though society is telling you that they will. It’s actually scary how much our society’s idea of success is causing us to live lives that will never bring happiness and fulfillment.

So watch the video above and then, if you want to really figure out what YOUR definition of success is, grab yourself a copy of Jen’s digital course: ‘The Overachievers Guide to Meaningful Success’

I’ve just bought a copy myself and trust me, I never buy courses – I just know this one is going to make a big difference

Find out more about the course and buy your own copy here

And let me know what this ‘Inspired’ video got YOU thinking about the way you measure success.

x Selina

Selina Barker