Teaching the art of life design…it’s happening!

Wow, well last week was wild.

For those of you that missed it I announced that I had a life design course up my sleeve that I wanted to create and run this summer:

Project You – the life design summer school

Fashioning my own homemade Kickstarter campaign I said that I would only do it if I got 100 sign ups.

I gave us a 2 week window to hit that target.

We hit it in less than 2 days!

And I say ‘we’ because it was very much a team effort. Facebook exploded into a frenzy of messages about my life design programme. Many of you signed up in the first hour. I was blown away by the enthusiasm and support Project You received. And I’ve been buzzing ever since.

Because now I get to create a course for you this summer that I really can’t wait for you to experience.

If you haven’t signed up then you still can – the more the merrier.
It kicks off on the 27th July.

And for now I’ll leave you with this great TED talk from Derek Sivers on ‘How to Start a Movement’ – it’s how a friend described the buzz around Project You last week.

So thank you to those of you that came and joined me dancing up there.

We did it!

x Selina

P.S. If you signed up to Project You and you haven’t received anything from me, please let me know by replying to this email – paypal is up to its usual tricks…!

P.P.S. while we’ve punched way above the 100 mark there is no limit to how many people can join in with Project You this summer so do let your friends know – just pass this email onto them

Selina Barker