Life design is NOT about trying to create a perfect life…far from it

Project You is under way!

The 8 week summer school in life design has begun and I kicked things off this week by getting us all to take a look at our lives as a whole and creating a picture of what we’d like them to look like.

But while essentially I’ve got us creating a picture of our ideal life, I’ve made one thing very clear: life design, or at least my version of life design, is NOT about creating a vision of a perfect life and then trying to force your life to look exactly like that.

Not at all.

Life design is about approaching life like an artist, like a scientist and treating it like a game. Embracing the fact that we can’t control everything in life and that all we can do, therefore, is experiment, play and see what grows.

Yes, a huge part of life design is about following our dreams and for that our imaginations can be powerful tools, but even our imaginations are limited. They can only work with what we currently know and believe – of ourselves and of life. And so life design, as much as it is about playing with our magic ability as humans to conjure up ideas and then bring them to life, it is also about accepting that you don’t know half the things that will actually make you happy. And so it’s about going out and experimenting to see what WILL make you happy and then filling your life with THAT.

And that is what makes it so much fun.

I’ve given you a little sneak peak into a small part of the video from Week 1 of Project You: The Big Picture where I talk more about this and why we need to be embracing making mistakes rather than trying to avoid them.

x Selina

Selina Barker