INSPIRED #1: Microadventures – an interview with adventurer & author Alastair Humphreys

Hi there!
Well as promised, this week marks the start of my latest project – ‘Inspired’ – where I go and get into conversation with people who inspire me with the way they live, work and look at the world.

And I really struck gold with my first interviewee: none other than the legendary Alastair Humphreys.

A winner of the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year award, Alastair has gone on more adventures than you would think possible to squeeze into just one lifetime, from cycling around the world for four years, to racing across the Atlantic by boat, to crossing Iceland by foot & packraft to canoeing down the Yukon river, to name just a few. And his adventuring days are by no means over.

But as well as being a remarkable adventurer, Al is also a hugely talented writer, photographer, speaker and film-maker. His website IS my no.1 website to visit and that is no exaggeration. It is a treasure trove of inspiration and captivating images.

Make yourself a cup of tea and just dig in:

But it’s not actually just his own adventures that excite me, what has really been getting me excited and having me tell everyone about him, is his latest book (an Amazon best-seller)  ‘Microadventures’. In fact it’s a whole lot more than a book – it’s a movement that is inspiring people to find ways to weave mini-adventures into their day to day lives.

And THIS is what I wanted to talk to Alastair about…
Bear in mind I am new to interviewing and it was filmed on skype so it is seriously rough and ready and I decided to cut right into the juicy part cutting out any earlier preamble from me.

But despite the roughness of my execution of it, I hope you’ll be as inspired as I was hearing Alastair talk about the joys of sleeping on a hill for a night,  finding creative ways to weave adventure into our day to day lives, the importance of shaking things up to remind us that we can live our lives the way WE want and how his own adventures have given him the confidence and courage to create a life and career of his own design.

What you can do now…

1. Sign up to Alastair’s blog
2. Watch some of his videos about Microadventures
3. Buy one of Al’s books
4. Go on a Microadventure and share your experience online when you do using #microadventure

Selina Barker