I’m back…and with a new FREE video series for you!

Hi guys,

Well…I am back!

If you weren’t part of the Project You party then it’ll have been a long time since you will have heard a peep from me. So I’m really excited about creating fresh new content for you to enjoy over the following months.

And to celebrate my return to the bloggersphere I’m going to run a fresh new FREE video series for you that I’m really excited about.

It’s called ‘Inspired’ and it’s my chance to interview some of the people out there that really inspire me with the way they live, work and play.

People who live life consciously, to their own rules, from the heart.

And who inspire and help others to do the same.

The first of those interviews will hit the airwaves next week when I interview the infamous adventurer, Alastair Humphries.

Alastair is an adventurer, blogger, author, motivational speaker, film maker and photographer. And one big huge inspiration.

Alastair has been on more adventures than you could dream up, from marathons through deserts, to sailing races across the Atlantic, bike rides from oh, I don’t know, Pakistan to China and journies across Iceland on foot. For starters.

But as well as all this wild and wonderful adventuring, what I love about Alastair is how he encourages all of us to get out and fit more adventure into our busy lives with Microadventures – the name of his latest best-selling book.

So keep your eyes open this time next week for my video interview with Alastair to pop into your inbox and if you have a friend that you think would enjoy my new ‘Inspired’ video series then forward this email to them and they can sign up using the box below!

In the meantime, I’ve restarted my Career Strategy Sessions to help people discover what career path will really make them happy in life and create a plan to make it happen. So if you’re interested then just drop me a line to find out more.

Until next week!

x Selina

Selina Barker