I have a Big New Game Plan…want to know what it is?

I have a Big New Game Plan to share with you.

It’s big, it’s vague, but it has the same conviction and energy to it as my Big Camper Van Adventure did when I declared I was going to reduce my life into 100 objects, turn my business into one that could fit into a backpack, buy a campervan, wave goodbye to London and take off to live and work nomadically.

It also has the same feel of ‘this is a role that I’m ready to fill’ that came with my mission to lead 100s of people on a revolution to do what they loved – all I knew was that I could clearly imagine projects and businesses bursting to life with me helping it all happen…

So far John Williams and I have helped almost 1000 people launch projects and kickstart businesses with the Screw Work Let’s Play 30 Day Challenge.

So, I’m hoping this new game plan, while it requires another big dollop of faith, will come to life just as these other Big Game Plans and Projects have done.

Want to know what it is?…watch the video to find out!

Oh and thanks to the incredible Webtech Wonder Woman I now have comments back on my site…so comment away below!
I’d love to hear what angle you think my business should come in on – helping people get moving, gain clarity, see work in a whole new light, find purpose? What would you like to see it focus in on?

x Selina

Selina Barker