How to find a cause in life that makes you come alive

In last week’s JT I was talking about the power I find in having a cause that you want to be part of thatis greater than the sum of your fears and doubts. What I’ve found is that when people have a cause that really touches them to the core, that they are actively involved in, then they experience far greater fulfillment, a sense of purpose, a reason to get out of bed, than when they previously didn’t.So it’s a good thing to get into your life.That cause can change throughout life, as your experiences shape your views and what’s important to you, as your priorities change. And it doesn’t have to be a cause that is wrapped up in how you earn a living necessarily. In fact it works really well for some people to keep their raison d’etre and way of earning a living separate. One is passionate, the other practical. One has you feeling fired up, the other has you feeling cool, calm and secure. If you can combine both then that can work brilliantly too.So how do you find a cause? Well let’s not get it tangled up with a life purpose. If you feel you know your life purpose, then great, some people are just born with that feeling. But if you don’t feel it, then don’t pile on the pressure to ‘find’ it.


Start by asking yourself WHO,WHAT, WHERE?

Just think about who, what or where would you most like to help/protect? Kids? Animals? the environment? the sick? the elderly? the grieving? the lost? the suffering?

Then hone it down. What kind of animals? What environments do you feel need the most protection? What kind of suffering do you want to see coming to an end in the world?

Hone it down until you can picture an individual, an animal, an actual place that you want to fight for. That you would fight to help or protect so much so that you would step over your fears and act anyway.

Then ask HOW

This is where you choose a way where you get to be part of a cause by doing something you love, something you enjoy, something that has you feeling fulfilled and happy when you do it. Something that makes you feel alive.

I always used to think that the most worthy place to make a difference in the world was on the front line. But that’s not true. You need people playing different roles. Some are suited for front line action, but don’t head there if it’s just to appear to be the hero. Someone throwing a cake sale to raise money for a cause is just as valuable as someone on the front line of that cause.

So whether you want to climb a mountain to raise money, put on events that raise awareness, help out as a volunteer, offer pro-bono work or head for the front line and make it your career, find the way you’ll most enjoy being part of that cause and start doing something about it.


Whatever you do, take it on as your mission to be part of that cause, to make a difference, no matter how small it might seem to you at first. Make it YOUR cause. Be part of the team of people that are working for the same cause as you.

Bringing fulfilment into your own life and making a contribution to the world at large can be one and the same.

That, to me, is smart living.

x Selina

Selina Barker