How to create a successful brand…without sounding like a knob

Since announcing to the world My New Big Game Plan I’ve had my dream team on speed dial.

They are vital to helping me take this forward. Because I have a vague big picture of what it is I want to do, but no idea of how I’m going to do it or how to go about it. And we’re talking I have no name, no brand and no clear business idea.

All I really have is an intention and a whole lot of determination to bring it about.

And that’s OK. That’s how all my other Big Game Plans have started out.

So next steps are to go exploring and gathering information to start filling in the detail of my vague big picture. My most pressing questions set out the direction of my exploration.

And my biggest question at the moment is ‘how do I create a successful brand’?

So I’ve been chatting to people who have great brands, that create great brands for a living and who design branding and I’ve been picking their brains, taking them for coffees, doing video interviews.

Today I want to share with you an interview I did with the legendary Marianne Cantwell, author or Free Range Humans and a fellow firestarter.
If you want to create a personal brand or a brand for your business that is unique and authentic then you’ll love this:

‘How to create a successful brand…without sounding like a knob’

(it’s a big danger when you’re in the life coaching industry – starting with the world ‘life coach’!)

What we covered…

  • The similarity in challenges between dating and branding…yep
  • How the art of branding is taking what’s on the inside and putting it on the outside and how you go about doing that (cos it aint easy)
  • The importance of meeting people where they are now and not where you think they should be
  • How we start losing ourselves when we start trying to be like other people that we admire
  • Great tip: look at the products, businesses, brands you admire and then ask ‘what would I do differently?’ – THAT is how you start to identify what makes you unique in comparison to others
  • Your brand emerges when you start to create things
  • Warning: don’t confuse branding with educating people
  • You don’t need to put ALL of you into your brand – find the pieces that have the most powerful impact on others in the way you enjoy
  • REALLY important: Ask your previous clients what they found most valuable about working with you AND whether they thought they were looking for that before they worked with you.
  • How to create a doorway (LOVED this)
  • Become a brand detective – find the things that attract you and deconstruct it rather than just copying it

And just to keep you updated in the moment…I might have had a lightbulb moment for a name while watching this video. I’ll sit on it and see…watch this space. Ooh this is exciting.

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Selina Barker