How to avoid going crazy when you have a million and one things to do…on a permanent basis!

Are you one of those people that seems to have a million plates up in the air spinning at the same time ALL the time?

Do you feel like you’re constantly going at an almighty speed to keep on top of things? Do you secretly buzz off it? Do you think it might send you crazy one of these days? Do people keep telling you you have to slow down or you’ll make yourself ill?

Then you’re just like the client I had the other week and today I want to share with you the plan we came up with to help her manage all the many spinning plates in her life without costing her her health and sanity!

Because here is the thing: In her particular case she doesn’t want to stop spinning those plates. She enjoys having all those plates to spin, but she also knows it’s not good for her and it’s been making her ill.

Let me first start by saying that if you are a high-energy, fast-performing individual who seems to work at the speed of light, then you’ll often hear people telling you to slow down if it looks like it’s making you ill.

But actually it’s often NOT the pace you’re working at that is the problem. That IS some people’s natural pace and asking them to slow down is asking them to work against what is natural and in flow for them. It’s like asking a cheetah to just take it easy and slow down to a trot when chasing an animal. It’s just not natural.

It’s just going to stress that cheetah out.

What you need to do is learn how to move at that speed with regular pit stops to recharge, release stress and get back into your body, thus maintaining balance.

You can keep running at your high-energy pace but break it up with regular pit-stops, time-outs or what my client cleverly described as “two minute moments”.

In fact for her we came up with a 2-minute-moment toolkit. A number of activities that she can do, while at her desk or out and about, to release stress, come back down to earth and into her body and reconnect with an inner calm and balance.

And I have totally taken this on myself!

On her 2 minute moment toolkit were the options to:
– stretch
– breathe
– walk outside and be still for a moment looking up at the sky
– dance for two minutes (more likely to be done when she was working from home rather than in her open-plan office!)

She could choose whichever she wanted in that moment.

What could you have in your ‘2-minute-moments’ toolkit?

Take a moment now and have a think about simple things that calm you, wake you up, shake you back into your body. It might be yoga, tai chi or qi gong poses (if you practice any of those), it might be singing or sketching, stroking the cat or meditating. I’ve known a CEO of a big company, who worked in an open-plan office, to keep a novel in an official looking file that he used to dip into for his regular 2-minute-moments because that always got him back into a space of relaxation and calm.

So find what works for you and give it a go this week and let me know what difference it makes.

A good little tip is to set an alarm on your computer or your phone to remind you three times a day to take a ‘2-minute-moment’.

Stop, pause, breathe.

Get back into your body and into this moment.

And when you’ve reconnected with that calm, you can leap back into action and run like that cheetah again!

Give it a try yourself today and tomorrow and let me know how it goes.

x Selina

Selina Barker