‘Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016 – your end-of-year guide – is here!


Well here we are, coming to the end of another year and getting ready to step into a fresh new one.

I love this time of year, not just for the festivities and twinkling lights, but because this is the time of year where we all collectively take a step back and reflect on our lives and what we want to create in the year that is to come.

And over the past 5 years it has become a tradition of mine to send out a little end-of-year guide to you all called GOODBYE 2015 HELLO 2016

For those of you who haven’t done itbefore, ‘Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016’  takes you through a series of questions that have you reflecting on the year that you’ve just been through: how you’ve grown, what you’re grateful for, the experiences you’ve had and all that you’ve learnt. And then it takes you through a simple life design process where you look to the future and decide what it is you want to create next in your life, setting an intention that inspires you with practical commitments to do daily, weekly, monthly and at least once inthe year that will bring that intention to life.

It’s a really beautiful and surprisingly powerful exercise.

It’s now my fifth year of sharing this and I am loving how year after year more and more people are joining in and doing it from countries all over the world. Last year there were people in the UK, Israel, Argentina, USA, Canada, India, Australia and more doing it. So I look forward to seeing who does it this year.

A few weeks into the new year I’ll host a life design video session to to talk in more detail about how to design a year you’ll love and I’ll also be opening up shop again and offering 121 career/life design strategy sessions. So if you want to get in there ahead of time drop me a line now and I’ll book in a telephone call with you for when I’m back.

For download your copy of GOODBYE 2015 HELLO 2016 and enjoy!

Much love,

Selina Barker