Goodbye 2014 – what has this year been all about for you?

Hi lovelies,

I’ve rustled up a reflection exercise for us all to do this month as we wrap up this year and enter into the next. If you’ve been following me for some time, you’ll recognise it as the reflection exercise I invite you to do every year.

For me this is one of my favourite times of the year because it is a time where we can all collectively reflect and take stock of our lives,  look back at all we’ve been through and all we’ve done in just one year, all the lessons we’ve learnt and give thanks for the things and the people we are grateful for.

‘Goodbye 2014’ (you can download it as a PDF or word doc for free) offers a series of questions that guides you through reflecting on the year that is about to come to an end.

Every time I do this exercise it has a powerful effect on me. This year has been no exception. I did the exercise a couple of days ago and it was the last question in the exercise that really moved me and made me realise how special this year really has been for me personally.

The question was ‘How would you sum up what 2014 has been all about for you?’. The answer just flowed out of me:

‘2014 was the year that I really learnt to love myself and discovered the magic that happens when you do’.

And that is no word of a lie. The beauty of it is that I marked the start of 2014 with a commitment to myself ‘to really love myself and treat myself like a princess’. I was as surprised as anyone that that is what I came up with. Being a ‘princess’ is not something I’d ever have said I wanted to be treated like, certainly not by myself. But it was such a powerful commitment: It transformed my relationship with myself, my health and my love life.

I’ll be writing more about the lessons I learnt this year over the next few weeks. And as I do I’d love to hear from you some of the lessons that you’ve learnt in 2014.

Head over here to download your free copy of ‘Goodbye 2014’ and see what comes out of it for you.

x Selina

Selina Barker