Get Your Morning Dance On…the movement has begun

Remember a few weeks back when I introduced my Morning Dance video and invited people to send me videos of them doing their own Morning Dance?

So my friend Andrew did.

My friend Andrew is an incredible photographer (it’s not just me that thinks that, they give him awards for it – check him out, so there he was in the Serengeti doing a shoot and I got this email message from him when he returned with a movie file attached: Dancing in the Serengeti.

I was literally without words….A.MAZING.

I slammed open a tumblr account. Named it ‘Get Your Morning Dance On’.

And that was it. Movement started. This thing is going to go viral. My friend Bexy says.

And even if it doesn’t, it is so much fun doing it.

Watch Andrew’s amazing Morning Dance in the Serengeti over here on the new Get Your Morning Dance On tumblr site: and don’t miss the first vid on there if you haven’t seen it. Andrew’s is the second one down.

Thank you Andrew!

Next step on this project? To invite all my friends – and that includes you guys – to shoot Morning Dance videos all over the world. I’m going to keep posting them and montaging the hell out of them.

Why? Because when you start the day dancing it into shape, no holding back, wild unabandoned dancing…it just does something to you. Watch and see.
Then get your morning dance on and get sending me videos of it! I’m itching to make a bigger, better GYMDO video!

Selina Barker