Get ready to learn the art of life design

The life I live now is one that I could never have dreamed up when I was younger. I thought back then that life was something that you did, something that happened to you.

I didn’t realise it could be something you created for yourself. Something that you could design to suit your personality, your needs, your dreams.

I had always been creative, always loved art and design above all other topics at school, but noone had ever suggested that my life could be my greatest creative project. That I could design my own life. Whatever way I wanted.

I’m not sure the grown-ups around me knew it themselves. There were certainly never life-design classes taught at school (now wouldn’t that be cool?!).

But the life I live today IS my own design. I live a life that I love, I do work that fulfills me deeply and is a constant source of fun and challenge, I am surrounded by people that I love, that inspire me and fill me with admiration. I live according to my values, follow my own rules, experience freedom on a daily basis and my relationship with myself and my health go from strength to strength.

It is no accident. I chose this. Sometimes it took huge amounts of effort. I had to take risks, I had to face people telling my I couldn’t at times. But over the years as I’ve created my life consciously, I’ve become surrounded by people that are doing the same. And when you start doing it together…ooh, there’s nothing quite like it.

And I’m not saying my life is perfect. I’ve taken wrong turns, made big mistakes and fallen in with the wrong people. But I always took responsibility when that happened and did what I needed to change the picture.

You can always change the picture.

I’ve done it in almost every area of my life over the last 8 years: career, lifestyle, home, relationships, health and wealth. Even the relationship I enjoy with myself today was something I consciously cultivated.

And now teaching life design is something I suddenly feel hungry to do. Ready to do.

I’ve been doing it for years on my retreats and with my friends and I’ve written about my own journey of living a created life, but I’ve never sat down and invited people to come and learn the art of designing their own lives and actually take them through the process of doing it so that they start to see the results for themselves.

So that is what I want to do this summer.
And I’m going to be inviting you to come and do it with me.

It’ll be simple. The kind of thing you can take on holiday, listen to on the way to work. A mix of videos, podcasts and exercises. And I want to make it really affordable.

The deal is if 100 people sign up then I’ll do it and if they don’t then I won’t.

So watch your inbox on Monday for an announcement…and let’s make this the summer you learn the art of life design and start creating your life out of the things you love.

x Selina

Selina Barker