“Don’t ask what the world needs
Ask what makes you come alive
And then go and do that
Because what the world needs
Is people that have come alive”

-- Harold Whitman


No one ever told me when I was growing up that work was something you could love. That it could be a never-ending source of creativity, learning and personal growth. That my career would be my greatest creative project and one of the big loves of my life.

But that is what my career is to me today.

I hand-made my career so that it would fit me perfectly. I get to enjoy freedom, creativity, play, collaboration, growth, connection and making a difference.

Every day.

AND I love what I do

There is no better buzz than seeing someone come alive and realise what it is they really want to do with their life and then help them to make it happen.

To get to play a part in that is a true privilege.


Over the past 10 years I have coached over 2,000 people to create lives and careers they love through 121 coaching programmes, online courses, workshops, and retreats.

I've featured in 5 best-selling career books, I'm a Huffington Post blogger and a regular speaker at Soho House.

In 2013 I co-founded Project Love with Vicki Pavitt and that is now where I spend my days creating courses, coaching programmes and products that help women to create lives and relationships they love. My love for the work I do grows by the day. Come and find me over on Project Love.


I’ve been showcasing the power of my coaching on my own life for the past 12 years: declaring dreams and goals and then making them happen from landing my dream jobs, to becoming my own boss by 30, to being a published writer. It involved projects that took me all over the world – living and working in a campervan while travelling through the UK, sailing through the icy Chilean fijords,  couch-surfing my way down the Californian coast and living in the Canadian mountains. All while running my business from a bag.

Now I'm on a whole new adventure - the adventure of motherhood and I live with my partner and our son in east London.

I’m a creative at heart, with writing, painting, photography and video-making playing a big part in my life, but it’s the art of coaching where I really get in the zone and produce my greatest results – bringing people alive and getting people back in touch with their own power so that they are creating and living the lives that they dream of.

I now get to do that day to day over at Project Love - the business I run with Vicki Pavitt where we create courses and programmes to empower and inspire women to create lives and relationships they love. Come and join us.